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Up to this moment we have designed and constructed over 2600 gas, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and water supply and sewerage installations in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Peshtera, Stara Zagora, Varna, Elin Pelin, Sandanski, etc.

1. Gas installations in Residential Park (Sofia Park) – main contractor.
2. Gas installations of SSRM (Sofia Ring MALL) – main contractor.
3. Gas installations of a business building of CCB and TV7 (Tsar Boris Blvd.) – main contractor.
4. Geothermal heating and energy center of the Court House in Pristina, Kosovo – subcontractor of GBS Kosovo.
5. Heating and air conditioning installations of Square 500 National Gallery (the Bulgarian Louvre) – subcontractor of GBS.
6. Central railway station – Sofia – separate types of work on HVC – subcontractor.
7. Replacement of heat transfer paths of Heat-and-Power Supply Sofia – subcontractor of Ti Vi Bi.
8. Construction of heat transfer paths of Sofia Oncological Hospital – subcontractor of GBS.
9. Gas installations and paths of Gabrovo wastewater treatment plant – subcontractor.

10. Replacement of water supply network of the village of Podem, Dolna Mitropoliya Municipality and Ugarchin Municipality – subcontractor.
11. Replacement and construction of heating installations of education institutions and municipal buildings – Ministry of Interior Hospital in Sofia, Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Sofia, Sofia Institute of Foreign Students, a polyclinic in Svilengrad, a community center in Momchilgrad, a primary school in Perushtitsa, Pazardzhik Professional High School of Construction and Architecture, Lesichovo Municipal Administration in the village of Lesichovo, a day nursery in Chernoochene Municipality under Kozloduy International Fund.
12. Construction of gas installations of industrial enterprises, municipal buildings and private clients.
13. Replacement of joinery, making external thermal insulation, hydro-insulation and replacement of internal water supply and sewerage of municipal buildings and education institutions under Kozloduy International Fund.